2020: A look back

by User Not Found | Nov 30, 2020

This year has put many things into perspective. Thanks to our talented partners and passionate CareOregon Dental team, our dedication to serving our communities has proved resilient through the many changes in our external environment. Despite the wildfires, political unrest, ongoing pandemic, and more, CareOregon Dental still has many reasons to celebrate some exciting accomplishments!

  • CareOregon Dental expanded its footprint into the Columbia Pacific CCO region to serve approximately 7,000 members living in Tillamook county. We also welcomed new Primary and Specialty Dental Providers in Tillamook county into our network.
  • During this calendar year, our team grew by 50%! CareOregon Dental hired an innovative new Operations Manager; data genius Operations and Quality Improvement Analyst; passionate Dental Innovation Specialist, and steadfast Dental Referral and Authorization Specialist.
  • CareOregon Dental provided COVID stability payments to 40 of its primary and specialty provider clinics.
  • We increased our membership in the Metro region by 20%, from ~77,000 members to over 92,000 members
  • We processed over 4,500 service authorization requests (referrals/prior authorizations). This number will be over 5,000 by the end of the year!
  • We provided support and technical assistance within our dental network, helping partners launch Teledentistry services amidst COVID-19 operations and initiating collaboration among our dental network leadership teams to improve processes.
  • Once clinic operations stabilized, we reengaged the work of the Oral Health Integration Projects, allowing for the repurposed OHIP summit and online toolkit (to be launched by end of year!).


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