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Clinical Practice Guidelines

CareOregon Dental is dedicated to supporting our providers with evidence-based clinical guidelines to help achieve the best health outcomes for our members. The CareOregon Dental Quality Subcommittee (DQS) regularly meets to ensure quality standards of care are being met by our providers and to review clinical guidelines for dissemination.

Evidence Based Guidelines and Best Practices

The CareOregon DQS adopts guidelines that are evidence based. Once adopted, these are placed on the website. Paper copies are also available upon request. For more information on the guideline selection and adopting process, the Clinical Guidelines Policy & Procedure is available upon request.

For CareOregon Medical Approved Guidelines, visit the CareOregon website.

CareOregon Dental Adopted Guidelines




Adopted by CareOregon Dental DQS

Recommendations for Prescribing Radiographs

Revised 2012

April 2017

Prophylactic Antibiotic Coverage for Infective Endocarditis


April 2017

Antibiotic Prophylactic Regimens for Cardiac Conditions (PDF chart)


April 2017

Recommendations for Antibiotic Prophylactic Coverage for Total Joint Replacement (PDF)


April 2017

Recommendations for Silver Diamine Flouride Use (PDF)

CareOregon Dental

January 2018

Oregon Opioid Prescribing Guidelines Task Force
Recommended Opioid Guidelines for Dentists
 Oregon Health Authority  April 2017


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