Oregon Health Authority updated statement on access to health services for Oregon residents

by User Not Found | May 04, 2017

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) continues to hear questions from local partners about the impact of federal immigration policy on health services in Oregon.

The following statement is intended to inform people in the community about access to health care and the information OHA reports to federal immigration officers.

The Oregon Health Authority’s mission is to advance the health of all Oregonians, regardless of immigration or refugee status, national origin or religion. Health is the foundation for thriving people, families and communities. When people cannot obtain health care due to lack of coverage, lack of adequate services or fears about immigration enforcement, our communities face greater risk – risks that can come from exposure to untreated disease, the burdens of unaddressed illness or added costs of delayed care.

OHA is committed to ensuring that the health programs and services we administer, fund, license and regulate are welcoming and inclusive for all Oregon residents. In keeping with Governor Brown’s executive order 17-04, OHA does not condition access to health services for anyone based on immigration status, or report information about immigration to the federal government, except as required by federal and state law.

OHA protects the privacy of health information and encourages all state residents, including immigrants and refugees, to seek needed health services. Recent federal actions have not required the state’s health programs to report new or additional information about an individual’s immigration or refugee status. If that changes, we will alert the community and our health system partners.

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