Specialist Provider Spotlight: Melanie Block, LD

by User Not Found | Aug 25, 2017

Many of our general dentistry providers may recognize this name: Melanie Block.  Melanie, a licensed denturist since 1982, is passionate about helping our community replace their missing teeth.  Since August 1, 2012, Melanie has improved the oral health and well-being of over 1,200 CareOregon Dental members by fabricating over 1,635 full or partial dentures. Dentures allow people to eat, chew, speak, smile, and also to have renewed confidence in their daily life.  And Melanie’s high standard in quality keeps her clientele smiling from ear to ear.

Before her denture legacy began, Melanie was pivotal in getting the Denturism Initiative on the Oregon ballot. On July 1, 1980, through her support, Oregon became the first state to allow dentures to be made independently without the supervision of a dentist. Melanie is a Eugene native and has worked across the Willamette Valley in clinics and labs for 23 years.  For the past 12 years, she has owned her own business fabricating some of the best dentures in the northwest.  She is planning on retiring in the near future so she can enjoy her favorite hobby, horseback riding.  Please join us in a well-deserved applause for Melanie Block and her contributions to oral health.  

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