Provider loan repayment opportunities

by User Not Found | Oct 11, 2018

Oregon’s Health Care Provider Incentive Loan Repayment Program was established by the state’s Legislature to help support underserved communities in recruitment and retention of high-quality providers who serve Medicaid and Medicare patients. In exchange for service at a qualifying practice site, participants receive funds to repay qualifying student loan debt. Eligible providers include Dentists and Expanded Practice Dental Hygienists.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has made updates to their loan repayment programs for health care providers.

Per the OHA: The 2017 Oregon Legislature approved HB 3261, establishing the Health Care Provider Incentives Program within the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to support access to care for underserved communities throughout Oregon. The program offers various incentives, including loan repayment, loan forgiveness and insurance subsidies, to both students and providers who commit to serving patients in underserved areas of the state. Approximately $16 million was put into the fund to support these incentives. To date, the OHA has invested over $1.5 million dollars in loan repayment to clinicians, over $500,000 in scholarships to students at various medical institutions throughout the state and over $2 million in insurance subsidies. This program is overseen by OHA and is being administered in partnership with the Oregon Office of Rural Health. The program is always looking to expand; Please feel free to contact Joe Sullivan (Health Care Provider Incentives Coordinator) for information regarding what may be available to you.

For questions or additional information, please contact:

Joe Sullivan, Provider Incentives Coordinator
Oregon Health Authority


Oregon Office of Rural Health
503-494-4450 or toll free 866-674-4376


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