Provider spotlight Dr. Mark Mutschler and Dr. Fariba Mutschler (Great Grins for Kids)

by User Not Found | Sep 19, 2019

Dr. Mark Mutschler (pediatric dentist) and Dr. Fariba Mutschler (family dentist treating only children), know just how important it is to help children keep their “grins great!”

While working with children came naturally for both providers, their roadmaps to pediatric dentistry differed greatly. Dr. Fariba was inspired as an adolescent to pursue dentistry by a cousin who was a dentist. Dr. Mark’s path on the other hand, was more convoluted with careers ranging from a studio projectionist and middle school teacher. Their paths eventually crossed at UCLA School of Dentistry.

Graduating shortly after meeting in dental school, they decided to establish roots in Portland with their two sons and be closer to extended family. According to Dr. Mark, Portland has a natural beauty that pulls you in. Hailing from Southern California, he finds the “drama of huge cumulus and stratocumulus clouds filling the sky with the interplay of light and shadow that makes ever-changing patterns” just gorgeous! Dr. Fariba finds the “clean air, good restaurants and progressive vibe” also very captivating. It’s hard to disagree.

As an immigrant, Dr. Fariba finds that connecting with our members who share similar stories deepens their relationship, especially with parents. Sometimes the doctors even exchange parenting tips with patients. The most rewarding part of working with pediatric patients for Dr. Fariba is watching children grow into young adults year after year. “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Dr. Mark attributes this quote by Theodore Roosevelt as influencing the way he practices. There is no doubt that our members receive exceptional care at Great Grins for Kids.

Outside of work, they both enjoy reading, nice walks, biking and traveling. During his personal time, Dr. Mark also serves as a Trustee for the Oregon Dental Association (ODA) and on the Council on Membership for the American Dental Association (ADA).

Thank you, Drs. Mark and Fariba Mutschler, for your passion for working with children and improving the oral health of our members and surrounding communities.









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