Benefits summary

Summary of your benefits.

The chart below includes an overview of CareOregon Dental plan benefits. These benefits, and any other information you need, is found in your handbook. Click here for the Health Share Member Handbook or the Columbia Pacific CCO Member Handbook.

Dental benefits*

Authorization/Referral?  Limits to Care? 
Exams, cleanings, X-rays  No authorization/referral required 

At least one exam and cleaning every 12 months for adults.

Two exams and cleanings every 12 months for members under 19.
Basic restorative care (fillings)  No authorization/referral required No limit 
Dentures and partials  Yes, authorization/referral is required 

Only available for qualifying members or incidents.

Call our customer service for more details.
Sealants  No authorization/referral required  Every five years for children 15 and under with permanent molars. 
Stainless steel crowns  No authorization/referral required  Approval based on OHP guidelines. Call our customer service for more details. 
Extraction (removing teeth) of wisdom teeth  Yes, authorization/referral is required    No limit 
Extractions (removing teeth) for orthodontics  Yes, authorization/referral is required    Approval based on OHP guidelines.
Urgent or immediate dental treatment (emergency)   No authorization/referral required  No limit 

*Benefits may be subject to prior authorization requirements and frequency limitations.

If you have questions regarding your CareOregon Dental plan, call CareOregon Dental Customer Service at 503-416-1444, toll-free 888-440-9912 or TTY 711.

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